When safety is critical and seconds count, autosafe-reflex® ensures you have both... autosafe-reflex is a single-handed safety needle with zero critical needle-tip exposure time.
 Autosafe - Reflex in Action

autosafe-reflex® is a fully developed and patented South African Safety Needle that is passively activated, and requires no conscious activation of the safety mechanism. autosafe-reflex is Patented in South Africa, USA, and EPO countries (Europe), and is manufactured in South Africa. Autosafe - Reflex protects the healthcare worker before use, during use, and after use.

autosafe-reflex® hypodermic safety needles offer the following benefits:

  • Virtual elimination of the high follow-up costs associated with needle stick injury
  • Protection against the 22 blood-borne diseases which, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), health professionals can fall victim to as a result of needle stick injury. These diseases include Marburg Fever, Ebola, Malaria, Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, TB and many more, often which prove fatal. 


 Autosafe - Reflex Safety Needle

Technological advantages include:

  • autosafe-reflex® fits both concentric and eccentric luer slip and luer lock configurations.
  • By design, autosafe-reflex is automatically activated to ensure its safety during and after use.
  • autosafe-reflex® is mechanically fail-proof
  • autosafe-reflex® can be used in all procedures
  • autosafe-reflex® does not emit any audible warning signs or physical pressure feelings to indicate tha the device is safe
  • autosafe-reflx® is a low cost device.

autosafe-reflex® recieved a SABS design award, and has also recieved 510(k) Premarket notification.

autosafe-reflex automatic safety hypodermic needle
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A new introduction to the Autosafe-Reflex production like in the Needle Sleeve guide, which pre-aligns the needle in the passage way before use. This also improves the ease of use, and also protects the Autosafe Reflex Needle while it is been transported on procedure trays, which means that sterility is improved.

Like the Standard Autosafe-Reflex Safety needle, the Autosafe-Reflex Safety Needle with needle sleeve guide can be adapted to any syringe configuration, aswell as blood sampling devices. Click here for more information

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